Private labeling, over the past ten years,  KAYGEECO Incorporated has gained experience and expertise in private-label production.  In that time we have provided our customers, ranging from veterinarian suppliers to hotel/motel suppliers, with top-grade products they are proud to call their own.  

See what we can offer both you,  your company, and your customers:

  • A full line of safe and effective products manufactured exclusively with the finest grades of all natural and biodegradable ingredients
  • A unique product line which none of your competitors can provide
  • A more varied and competitive product line
  • Your company name is what the customer sees, rather than a national brand name which you may also supply
  • Products created according to your own criteria, as well as influenced by your own artistic flair
  • Design an intriguing website with exclusive products for your future multi-media concerns
  • Compete in the international marketplace, should export opportunities arise  

With marketing trends now being geared towards global accessibility we understand the need for every possible advantage. One of the greatest advantages you can arm your company with is a supreme product line, which was exclusively created for  you.  Being ever mindful of today’s environmental concerns, KAYGEECO Incorporated will use only the finest grades of natural, biodegradable raw materials to formulate your product to your exact specifications.  "We sincerely hope that our products and service will help your business, and that you will be more eager to buy from us than we are to sell to you."  Quality and care together form the foundation upon which KAYGEECO Incorporated is built... to provide a quality product and back it up with exemplary service.

That is why we developed this website to help acquaint you with all of the products that we have available, and we also encourage you to visit us at our new facility in North Idaho, and see first-hand, the role we can play in helping you steer your company in the direction of your dreams.